Your pool service company isn’t licensed or trained properly to work on your pool heat pump. I know… pool heater… pool guy or gal, you’d think he or she could. But it requires a state licensed AC contractor for starters. Then special knowledge of heat pumps. Some pool companies try to work on heat pumps with no license to do so. It’s risky for them and you, sometimes they get lucky and can stumble their way through the service call, but typically the service call ends up a disaster for them and/or you. For them, if the call is a failure, you don’t want to pay them; they have just wasted their time. Or, they may sell you a new heat pump telling you it’s unrepairable. It happens all the time.

Pool heat pumps are a refrigeration circuit cooled by pool water. Pool companies aren’t supposed to know about that stuff.

Every year, Universal gets hundreds of pool heater referrals from pool companies that understand this, we in turn keep an eye out for leaky filters; leaky pool pumps, loud pool pumps & ETC., then refer those to the pool certified contractor. We know lots of good state certificate licensed pool contractors.

There are a few certified pool contractors that have gone out and acquired an EPA certificate. This makes no sense, since it has nothing to do with their pool license.

In 1992 the federal government required all AC state certified contractors to have their technicians go and gets trained to handle refrigerant safely. It required AC state certified contractor technicians to learn how to reclaim properly and taught what was required to dispose of the old refrigerant that had been reclaimed. The concerns were and are ozone depletion.

Before 1992, there was no mandate for reclaiming refrigerant. You could release refrigerant into the atmosphere, which has changed.  However, to work on HVAC equipment, it has always required a state certified AC contractor, that has not changed.

Having an EPA certificate, only allows you to work for a state certified AC contractor, and is useless to have on its own. All Universal Heating technicians must be EPA certified and are. But… it does NOT make them an AC state certified contractor. A heat pump for a pool has a refrigeration circuit and requires a state certified AC contracting company with EPA certified technicians to work on it. PERIOD!

In order to work on a propane gas heater you must be licensed by the department of agriculture. It’s a special license granted by the state. Be careful not to let just anybody work on your gas equipment. Special licensing is required for safety reasons. You don’t want to find out the hard way.

Most pool heaters fail or must be replaced because of expensive parts that have rusted out. Proper maintenance (keyword, proper) can add many years to your equipment life.

Four different heat pump manufacturers have asked Universal Heating to assist in the design or redesign of their units. We were honored to help each time. We will always help where we can.

Hiring air conditioning state certified contractors will protect you from mishaps that may pop up unexpectedly. Having proper workers compensation and liability coverage is required for air conditioning certified contractors.

You should think twice before getting your neighbors cousin over to repair your HVAC equipment. What’s a cheap today, maybe a very expensive to repair again tomorrow?!

Paying an unusually low cost for maintenance is risky. Companies low balling prices typically find something to charge you for, you don’t need or you simply get a cheap job. Pay the extra 30 dollars. Maintenances are not big profit makers, but are offered by most AC companies. If done properly, they are important to make sure your unit is costing the least amount of money possible to operate.

I hope you will find all above informative.

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