Nobody pays attention to details like we do. We recognize what fails, why it fails and can come up with solutions to prevent it, slow it down, or stop it from getting worse. We do not offer $40.00 maintenance specials. We have priced our maintenance programs to be well worth it.

We take preventative maintenance very serious; we want your equipment to last as long as possible. When the time comes for replacement, we will have earned your trust your trust and will give you a quote to replace.

We live in an environment that is not friendly to hardware or electronics outside. Special care is needed for equipment placed outside. Outdoor coils get dirty and must be physically cleaned using safe detergent. Dirty AC outdoor coils in the summer lead to high working pressure with the compressor. That leads to high amperes on compressor and may lead to premature failure of the compressor. All can be avoided.

Relative humidity is as high as anywhere in the USA right here in Florida. With high RH comes moisture in our homes, keeping air handlers clean helps cut down on the moisture content in our homes. Dehumidifying the home feels better, and the thermostat may not have to be lowered as much. That amounts to a lower electronic bill. Keeping drain pans clean will keep bacteria from forming, leading to a healthier home. Ok, so now everything is clean. Let’s move on to other points of interest. Making sure a system is charged properly is super important. There are several different things we look at to ensure the charge is correct. All things must pass our test checks. If a system is just slightly under charged, it may run one hour every day longer than needed to keep your home at your desired temperature.  Times that by 30 days in the month. 30 hours longer than needed. WOW! That adds up quickly.

Our AC and pool heat pump or gas heater checks are taken very seriously and can potentially find things before they become major breakdowns. If all is functioning properly, you will have a much cleaner, more efficient, nicely draining system.

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